Osaka Watch Parts, Inc (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or "we") fully recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information of all visitors to this website, and we therefore enforce the following measures:

1. We have implemented regulations concerning the handling of information which can be used to identify a particular individual (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information"). Furthermore, we strive to maintain and improve our information management system to ensure the appropriate protection of Personal Information.

2. Whenever we collect personal information, we will make the purpose of use of the information clear. Furthermore, we ensure that our usage of information gathered does not go beyond the scope of the stated purpose of use.

3. Along with using the personal information provided within the scope of the intended purposes, we will manage the information appropriately and will not provide or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, except under special circumstances.

4. We have safeguards in place to keep your personal information accurate, complete and up to date, and to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage.

5. In the event that the Company outsources the handling of the Personal Information to an external company, the outsourced company will also be contractually bound not to leak or disclose the Personal Information to a third party.

6. In our management of our website, we have the appropriate security measures in place at both a system level and an operational level, such as a server management system and access restrictions, to ensure that Personal Information is stored safely.

7. The Company disclaims any responsibility for the security of customer Personal Information used on third-party websites that are linked to from our website.

8. If the Company receives a request from a customer to verify, revise, update or delete the personal information that we maintain, we will quickly honor such requests within reasonable scope. The Company observes the laws and other standards that apply to the protection of the Personal Information we maintain. Moreover, the Company will continue to maintain and improve the above measures and data protection operations.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Personal Information we are entrusted with is used for the purposes of contacting customers and responding to customer enquiries, and for the sending out of information, as well as for other reasons made clear to the customer at the time the Personal Information is collected. Furthermore, company/organization name, name, e-mail address, etc., will be used as contact information for the purposes of fulfillment of contracts between the Company and said organization, business correspondence, and proposals and notifications about our products and services, as well as the provision of information we believe to be in the interests of said organization.

Whenever the Company collects your Personal Information, either in written form or directly through this website, we will clearly state the intended purpose of use, except for such occasions where the purpose of use is clear. Furthermore, even when personal information is collected indirectly through a third party, we will endeavor to specify or notify you of the purpose of use, either in advance or immediately after the fact.