Our company was established in 1968. We have been selling to the watch material shops Seiko genuine battery, Seiko genuine parts, Seiko genuine watch tool, and the Seiko clock movement, etc. as Seiko agent in Japan.
We are working with the TYMC Company for the quality control of the product now as sole agent in JAPAN. We produced TYMC Timegrapher MTG series Japanese version by the joint development with the TYMC, and began sales last year. We are the only company that are able to repair the product and to do various support for it. We stock all repair parts and you can take advantage of our service center. I am well versed in watch repair & can offer enough technical advice concerning the product by e-mail free of charge. We are trying to provide smooth service from the sale and maintenance.

Beijing TYMC Technology Center

Beijing TYMC Technology Center is a HI-TECH enterprise situated in the ZhongGuanCun Science Park, Beijing, China. It has been concentrating on the research, development and manufacture of mechanical watch testing instruments for many years. It is well-known as a leading enterprise in this specified technical field. TYMC's output and sales of such instruments both are the biggest in China. It is the only supplier of testing instruments for all middle and large factories producing mechanical watches in China Mainland. TYMC designed and manufactured China's first LCD Timegrapher and the MTG-3000 Timegrapher it designed and receives a fevoreble reception home and abroad. (Timegrapher MTG-3000 is the first LCD Timegrapher of China that TYMC designed and manufactured, and received a fevoreble reception home and abroad. ) The convenience of Timegraphers series MTG, all designed and produced by TYMC, covers the whole Chinese watch businesses. These instruments are also on sale in Hong Kong, Taiwan and exported to various countries all over the world including U.S.A, JAPAN, Germany, South-East Asia and India etc. TYMC possesses a group of high-level experts. It's products are improved continuously and new models of products are developed year by year. Owing to its advanced designs, precise processing techniques and strict quality control, the high quality of its products is ensured.